My past pain is what gives me the drive to move my life forward, it’s my fuel. The worst time in my life was being homeless, but there was still some great lessons that came out of it that are not to be over looked. One of the lessons that stand out to me the most is that no matter how bad you think things are going in your life at any one time there is someone that has it worst then you can even imagine. It was the winter time back in 1995 in Providence, RI, so it was cold. I was 18 at the time. I remember this lesson like it was yesterday, I was walking the streets all night looking for a place to get some sleep and all I could think of is how did I get here. In my mind it was every ones fault except mine. At about  1a.m I found a car that I could call home for the night. I slept for a few hours before waking up almost frozen stiff. It felt like my blood was just about to stop flowing though my body. I walked up the street to Dunkin Donuts to sit down and drink a hot chocolate and get some heat. I really needed to warm up. As I was siting there I began to talk to a guy that was also homeless and his story helped me to see that my situation wasn’t the worst. Not only was he homeless but his wife and 6yr old kid was homeless as well and have been for the past 3yrs. He had to worry about three people and all I  had to worry about was myself. It made me scared knowing that my pain could become worst.

When I feel defeated and ready to throw in the towel I always remember the feeling of that day. That pain fuels me to move on.