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They Counted Me Out Book Cover

They Counted Me Out

They Counted Me Out

I was counted out by many, there were times that I even counted myself out. I used to blame others for all of the wrong in my life, now I hold myself 100% accountable for the good and the bad. NO EXCEPTIONS. My goal is to share my experiences with you and show you how, you too, can live a limitless & successful life!

Re-Empower is dedicated to creating a positive change in inner-city schools by helping to bridge the gap between teachers and students. We understand that teachers have a wealth of information and are eager to share. We also, understand that a large percentage of our inner-city youth are not willing to embrace those teachings.
Re-Empower founder Pierre Evans is a former high school dropout who has since turned himself into a successful entrepreneur, trainer, and speaker, he has developed a unique approach for student engagement. Using this approach, we will not only open the hearts and minds of students, we will also give teachers the tools that they need to keep their students engaged. How? We meet students on their level and motivate them to reach their desired goals one-step at a time . We encourage them to be proud of where they come from and grateful for moments of temporary defeat. We remind them that their dreams are their’s and their’s alone. The only way to move forward is to take action. Teachers teach….. We open minds
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REEMPOWER is fully committed to creating an atmosphere of excellence that will enable your company to outsell, outperform and outlast your competition! Through our proven training sessions and coaching modules, REEMPOWER will give you the tools you’ll need to create repeat business and develop approaches and perspectives that will result in increased productivity and market share.
Happy clients.
“Pierre is a man that is not only large in stature but also in voice, heart and passion. Pierre’s experiences throughout his life have carved him into a man who knows what it’s like to grow up in the roughest circumstances yet still find a way to come out on top. When Pierre speaks he speaks not just from the pain that he has been through but, with the love and hope for changing the lives of others because of his experience. Pierre sees the best in every circumstance and you can see it in his infectious smile. Brace yourself for emotion, passion and desire when you listen to him because 5th quarter living doesn’t stop for anyone. ”
Ben Clawson
“Pierre Evans is on of the most positive and motivating people I have ever met. Knowing him on a personal level, its amazing to hear his background first hand, see how much adversity he overcame ans still clawed hes way up to where he is today. Life Was not easy for him, but he did not let that anyone stop him. Pierre is a good man, full of integrity and a passion for helping others. Working directly with him in an environment that can break people down and crush spirits, its refreshing having someone there that knows exactly how to you back up every time you start to slip. When it comes to drive and determinatiion, Pierre is top notch.
You will not find some one that is more dedicated to his goals. When he wants something, he goes and gets it. No obstacle can stand in hes, no if, ands or buts about it. Once he gets his mind on something, its best to get out of his way, because he is going to get it. One of his sayings is “wake up your alarm clock, dont wait for it to wake you.” He lives by this and I can attest to that. I wake up at 4:00 a.m. excitie to text Pierre, trying to wake him up to let him know that I’m up working on my dream, only to find out that he has already sent me a message an hour or two before with my motivation for the day. Listen to what he says, study what he does and I guarantee you will be successful.”

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Josh Decker
“I’ve known Pierre since our teen years. We attended high school together and experienced life side by side.We ultimately ended up taking different paths in our adult lives. I stand impressed at the success that Pierre has made of himself.I talk to Pierre very often and he always gives me very valuable and critical advice.Using the blueprint that he has put together for me I now found myself on the path to restructuring my life as well as starting my own small business. Pierre has made me realize that greatness is within reach.”
Barry Manning

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